All mentioned masterclasses can be transformed to workshops.

  Programme and contents:

Duration: 1 ½ - 3 hours
General theory
Masterclass (60 min.)
Discussion referring to the practical exercises
Step by step studying as well as individual choreography application possible
Frequently asked questions and solutions for common problems
Workshops are available for beginners and advanced trainer

Extra Workshops

Step Know How (only as a basic step workshop - min. 4 hours)

Everything there is to know about teaching beginner classes and also for beginners themselves. Useful to refresh your skills or for initial building up. Learn to take  beginners to a more advanced level and have them follow even difficult choreographies. Where to start? What is most important? How to motivate your students? How to upgrade their level? Find answers to all of these questions in this workshop!

Have A Break Down (only as an advanced step workshop - min. 4 hours)

Your movements and choreography are top? So, you are step a professional. Ok, and what about your theoretical knowledge? Cross phrasing and modern didactics are the future of step. Learn the Ins and Outs of creating a choreography and applying it to your step class. 100% balanced training!

Aerobics Today (only as an advanced aerobic workshop - min. 4 hours)

Aerobics in the 80's and aerobics today: there is a big difference. And because of this aerobics is still a popular form of training. What is aerobics today? What is important to know to teach a safe class? How to build modern aerobic choreography? Learn why it's important to teach a symmetric choreography and what the most important aspects are to reach a perfect cardio-vascular training!!! All this with totally modern movements and new enthusiasm - just for you with Dubravko.