Do The Math & Step

The aim of this class is to combine creative and balanced step combinations with a non-stop cardio workout. New vistas will be opened by playing with the counts and rhythm of the music. The key to this is breaking down the choreography. In this session you will see how advanced choreography is made simple and easy to follow by a superb breakdown technique.

Superb Step

Do you know that you can use simple mathematics to come up with more creative combinations than you ever thought possible? Learn the smart way to catalogue  step choreography, giving you an endless choice of new, balanced combinations.


I... cause I wanna STEP-explore you
I... put my hands up on you - babe!
I... wanna feel your STEP-explosion
I... and I'm gonna take you on a step-escapade!

What your wishing
If you listen
We'll be drippin?
I'll drop that ... Relax! It's just STEP!

Aerobic 2005

This high-low aerobic class combines strong, athletic, and dance movements to give participants a non-stop cardio workout. This workout will challenge dancers and athletes alike. Dubravko leads you through this class with an excellent cueing and breakdown technique.

Aero Time - Time To Dance

From simple low-impact moves to nice and smooth dance moves, from simple structures to complicated combinations. Dubravko leads you through a choreography based on simple elements. He will prove that creativity is the result of methods and techniques. Loose yourself in the music, enjoying a class in which you do not have to think about the next move because each move is logically based on the other.

Body For Sure

A class to improve your power and definition. Discover new energies of your body and pick up fresh exercises to define muscles. Dedicate yourself to this class and find out your natural body balance. Keep strong and healthy.

Lift - Training

Muscle conditioning class with long bars and weights. An introduction to motivative group training developed by Cida Conti. This will give you new possibilities to increase the attractivity of your classes. Suitable for all skill levels due to individual resistance choice.